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The AAS Open Publishing

Our innovative, open access platform

AAS Open Research is an innovative open access platform to enable African Academy of Sciences-funded and -affiliated researchers to publish immediately, without barriers and with the benefit of transparent peer review. Powered by F1000, AAS Open Research seeks to reinforce African research on a global stage, promoting the engagement of researchers worldwide. The AAS is pioneering this immediate and open approach to publication in Africa, already demonstrated to be highly effective by Wellcome and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The African Academy Sciences views AAS Open Research as an opportunity to leap-frog beyond the legacy of traditional publishing to optimise science on the Continent. The mission of AAS Open Research is to make African research freely available and usable, which will speed and advance the excellence of science on the Continent, thus improving its development outcomes. Outputs will range from traditional research articles and systematic reviews to non-traditional outputs, such as research protocols; replication and confirmatory studies; data notes; negative or null findings, and case reports. Any sensitive data such as some clinical data will be protected appropriately. Authors retain the rights to their work under a CC-BY license.

AAS-affiliated researchers, including its Fellows, Affiliates and those funded through AESA, are eligible to publish on the open access platform.

Meet the Team

Team Member
Elizabeth Marincola Senior Advisor for Research Communications and Advocacy