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The AAS Affiliates programme

The Affiliates Programme recognizes and supports the development of promising African early and mid-career scientists into world class research leaders who contribute to the Academy’s vision of transforming lives through sciences. By supporting young scholars’ professional growth pathways, and nurturing enabling research environments, the programme meets a significant need in African higher education and research institutions of supporting African-based scholars to become independent thinkers and leaders who can generate new ideas, knowledge, and innovative solutions to Africa’s challenges. Thus, through the Affiliates programme, The AAS plays a catalytic and supportive role to the African states and their sub-regional institutions in their responsibility to attract, support and retain excellent researchers who contribute to the continent’s development agenda.

We currently have 87 Affiliates from 16 African countries and from across all disciplines. Affiliates of The AAS are selected from among young promising African scientists who have demonstrated prowess in the development and application of science in Africa. Starting 2019, up to 40 Affiliates will be selected from all disciplines and from all the five regions of Africa. On being selected, Affiliates receive for a period of five years, career development support, mentorship, networking opportunities, as well as support for an enabling research environment in their home institutions.

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  • Recognition as an AAS Affiliate alongside AAS Fellows, Associate Fellows and Honorary Fellows
  • Support with individualized professional development planning
  • Benefit from a range of career development activities including but not limited to grant writing, publishing, science communication, ethical conduct of research, intellectual property issues, collaborative research, scientific entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Enrolment into The AAS Mentorship Scheme where Affiliates are matched with AAS Fellows and/or other experienced professionals to achieve specific career goals.
  • Networking and collaborating platforms for the Affiliates and with other similar programmes
  • Benefit from other AAS programmes and opportunities as they become available.

Prospective candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be an African national;
  • Must be residing in or affiliated with an African higher education or research institution;
  • Must have obtained their PhD in the last ten years;
  • Must have substantial postdoctoral research experience;
  • Must be aged 40 years and below by the 31st December of that year. Individual considerations will be made for female candidates above 40 years who have had career interruptions;
  • Female candidates and candidates from under-represented disciplines and countries are especially encouraged to apply.

Meet the Team

AESA Team Member
Obed Ogega Programmes Manager
AESA Team Member
Mary Donna Majani Programme Officer- Fellows & Affiliates